Doing Business in Latin America

That’s great! We’re proud of our region and all that it has to offer. As you are already doing business in Latin America, you know the opportunities that abound. Whether you are a foreign company with a manufacturing plant and are benefiting from inexpensive commodities and labor to a technology company tapping into a talented underutilized workforce, there are many paths to growing your company in this emerging region.

Latin America is rich in natural resources, has a relatively young population and possesses political institutions that are becoming increasingly democratic and stable. Countries such as Panama, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic have relatively higher per capita income and are aggressively pursuing international trade and foreign investment.

Latin America’s economy is predicted to accelerate in the coming quarters, with GDP growth set to expand this year at the fastest pace since 2013. Reform efforts and a healthy global backdrop are seen helping growth in Argentina. Brazil is expected to benefit from lower interest rates and a recovering labor market.

Peru is expected to be the region’s top performer in 2018, with economic growth of 3.9%. Bolivia and Paraguay are seen as coming in close behind, with projected growth rates of 3.8%.

Our vision is to connect Latin America to the world. With operations throughout the region and a team that works with multinational companies everyday, we are proud to partner with growing organizations and help them succeed!