Expansion Into Latin America

You can expand your company into Latin America without incorporating a company. No need for a bank account either. If you are looking for flexibility as part of your expansion plan, then a professional employer organization (PEO) may be the first step for you!

A PEO allows you to enter a market without the overhead of an entity set up and all the administration that entails. With a PEO, your hires become the employee of an already established company in the country you wish to operate. While you retain the obligations to direct your resources, the PEO takes care of paying the employees, paying the government taxes, filing the proper paperwork, and that the employment is in compliance.

Whether you are expanding because you have some great talent you wish to employ, or you are testing the market as part of a geographic expansion, or simply looking to ease your administrative overhead for your foreign operations, a PEO solution offers you the ability to get your operations going sooner with the flexibility to expand as you grow.