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Multi-Country. Multi-Language. One Platform.

When you have operations in multiple countries you want to have visibility over important company resources such as people and finances. With human resources technology you can reduce administrative burdens, manual processes, and overhead through automation and outsourcing.

ITOS offers a multi-country Payroll Platform as a Service (P-PaaS) to streamline, consolidate, and deliver consolidated payroll reporting services thorough a single web based application.

ITOS also offers a multi-country web based Payslip Service that allows payroll data import and layout display for any country, from any provider if your payroll is outsourced and including all the statutory pay data. Employees will have instant access to their current and historical payslips via self-service.

Multi-Country Payroll Platform

  • Web Based Application
  • Country Specific Configuration
  • Configure in Local Laguage
  • Customized Reporting
  • Role Based Administration
  • Integration With Other Payroll or Financial Systems
  • Employee Webslip Self Service
  • Ease of Use
  • Corporate Branding

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